BIO - Sykes Photography, LLC.

C. Michael Sykes


C. Michael Sykes first picked up a camera as a hobby in 2008, and has since then, embarked upon a journey to create photographic brilliance. In just a few years, C. Michael Sykes has quickly become a recognized photographer of considerable expertise. He has honed his skills while diversifying into several areas of photography, achieving technical skill and artistic merit in each one. C. Michael Sykes has skillfully brought creativity and passion to each project, but of his many photographic talents, the depth and artistry that is created as he captures the art of dance is particularly outstanding and notable.

Through his signature dance photography, C. Michael Sykes creates a masterful blend of environment and movement. Specializing in the capture of movers in natural settings, the essence and genius of his work is the balance of the dancers’ technical prowess and the rich texture of the environment surrounding the dancer.

Sykes Photography, LLC is the brand that C. Michael Sykes envisioned to serve as the platform for his work. The mission of Sykes Photography, LLC is simply to provide quality photographic services, and to produce photographic works of art. Sykes Photography, LLC is nurtured and sustained through the combination of the technical skill of C. Michael Sykes and the creative direction of his wife, Tianna Pourciau Sykes.

From his studio work to his photography in unconventional places, C. Michael Sykes is eager, well poised and on his way to creating his legacy and contributing his photographic voice one image at a time.

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